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This famous Scottish 'cream crowdie' dessert is based on a simple oatmeal gruel sweetened with honey, fresh raspberries and, of course, whisky


4 tbsp oatmeal
50g light brown sugar
1 tbsp clear honey (use heather honey for a traditional Scottish dish)
wee dram of whisky (use your judgement, although a few tbsp will suffice, or substitute a few drops of vanilla essence for a 'virgin' cranachan)
300ml double cream, chilled
200g fresh raspberries
mint leaves to garnish


1. Scatter the oatmeal and sugar evenly over a roasting tin and toast under the grill. Turn occasionally to brown evenly. Allow to cool completely.

2. Add the honey and whisky to the double cream and whisk until thick. Fold in most of the toasted oatmeal, reserving a handful for garnish.

3. Spoon a layer of the mixture into glass serving dishes. Add a layer of raspberries (reserve some for decoration) and top with a further layer of cream. Decorate with the reserved raspberries and oatmeal and a sprig of mint.

Variation :

In Scotland, the traditional way to eat cranachan is to place all the individual ingredients on the table and allow the guests to build their own pudding to taste.

For a richer texture, whip 150ml double cream to stiff peaks then fold in 150ml mascarpone or crowdie cheese. Feel free to drizzle over another shot of whisky, Glayva or Drambuie.


Serves: 4
Source: Craig Glenday