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Spiced Fruit Compote

The quantities given here are more than enough, but the compote keeps so well in the fridge that it's worth making plenty. It can be served warm or cold as dessert, but is equally delicious with yoghurt for breakfast.

Chicken with Mangoes

A great, low-fat chicken dish with a sauce made from mangoes for a fruity touch.

Damper bread

Breads are the perfect medium for working magic,' says Titania Hardie, 'as you can focus your thoughts of prosperity and harmony as you knead away. Damper bread, cooked in a flowerpot, is my own special favourite.

Jerk Marinade

This thick paste, based on the dry seasoning blend from the Caribbeann island of the same name, is at its best as a flavouring for pork, beef or chicken

Lamb and Apricot Tagine

This traditional method of cooking a tagine requires little preparation time, especially if you buy the meat already diced. Serve with steamed couscous, rice (or boiled potatoes) and a green salad, or as part of a larger Moroccan meal.

Nobu's House Special Roll

These sushi rolls should be filled with only fresh ingredients: raw tuna, crab, flying fish roe and avocado. Make with Nobu's Vinegared Sushi Rice