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Nobu's House Special Roll

Nobu's House Special Roll

These sushi rolls should be filled with only fresh ingredients: raw tuna, crab, flying fish roe and avocado. Make with Nobu's Vinegared Sushi Rice


Makes six rolls

130g Vinegared Sushi Rice
1 sheet dried nori seaweed, 10cm x 19cm, toasted
grated wasabi to taste
1 tbsp asatsuki chives, chopped into fine rounds
1 tbsp flying fish roe
1/12 avocado
15g fresh tuna
15g smoked salmon
15g white fish
15g hamachi
10g snow crab (meat from the leg)
1 straight and uniform daikon , with ends trimmed, peeled

Hamachi is a Japanese variety of Yellowtail, a fish similar to tuna
Daikon is a giant white radish and an essential ingredient in the Japanese larder


1. Spread the vinegared rice on the sheet of nori . Using your left hand to make sure the rice doesn't spill over the left side of the nori sheet, spread the rice out evenly toward the left by pressing, but not squashing, the rice with the fingertips of your right hand. Repeat, starting from the left (i.e., with your right hand stationary on the right side). You should make the rice a little thicker at each end of the nori in order to form a 'bank'. Leave about 1 cm of the nori sheet free of rice at the side furthest from you.

2. When the rice is thoroughly and evenly spread over the nori , apply an unbroken streak of wasabi across the middle with one finger. Then, using a spoon, spread the asatsuki chives and the flying fish rose evenly over the wasabi and across the rice. Add the avocado on top.

3. Cut the fish into thin 1cm-thick, 10cm-long strips fo fill the width of the nori . Cut the crabmeat into similar strips. Place the fish and crab sticks across the roll.

4. Lift the end of the nori nearest you and carefully roll it over the filling, pressing down as you go.

5. Holding a 20cm knife firmly, move the daikon against the knife, turning the daikon gradually to cut the flesh into a paper-thin ribbon. This is called katsura-muki . You should end up with a strip 10cm x 30cm.

6. Place the nori on top pof the strip of daikon and roll away from you.

7. Press down on the roll again at both ends to settle the filling, and trim the ends with a knife to tidy the shape. Starting from the middle, cut the roll into 6 pieces of equal size.


Serves: 6

Source: Nobu Matsuhisa