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Top Ramen Instant Noodles Are out of This World

Top Ramen Noodles can be made in such a way to contain lots of the vitamins and essentials we need. They make a perfect food for space colonists, says at least one study for NASA. It does make sense and as long as you have water and heat you can take these packs without expenditure of much fuel to get this out of the atmosphere.

Now then, if we use these types of foods as part of the strategy for space colonists on Mars, we maybe able to sustain life using this concept. When building a colony on Mars, which has water in the form of ice, it maybe helpful to have such foods which do not weigh very much but can be added with water when we eat them. A colony on Mars, which is set near or in the ice cap makes sense. By chipping off a piece of ice, boiling it for safety and then adding noodles to it, may be the answer to food supply and nutrition.Although some work will need to be done on this concept, it certainly makes a lot of sense to take a little Top Ramen Noodles with you if you are going to be stuck without food on another world or in route during long-term space flights. Think on this.

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