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Storage Tips for Tea

Tea is sensitive to moisture, aromas, heat, and light. An opened package of tea should be consumed as soon as possible. Leftover tea should be stored in light-proof container with tight fitting lid in a cool and dry place.

.Moisture is the number one disaster for your tea. It not only contaminates the taste and aroma of your tea, but it also produces and feeds bacteria, all in a short amount of time. Fortunately, you do not need to vacuum seal you tea; it is not practical and not necessary.

The easiest way is simply avoid any direct contact with open air by folding the tea storing bag and make sure it stays folded, or close the lid of your container tightly. Naturally, having the container dry in the first place helps tremendously.

.Light and heat rob away flavours of tealeaves. If your tea is constantly exposed to light or heat, it tends to make a weaker brew, or decreases the number of flavourable infusions.

The most convenient way is to put them in a non-transparent bag or container and away from any heat source such as ovens or heaters. If only glass jar is available, then put the jar in area away from light, such as in a cabinet.

.Tom H. is the founder of O-Square Tea Company who specialized in supplying premium/organic loose leaf teas around the world.

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By: Tom Huang


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