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Single Cup Coffee Makers Rule

One of the best options for families on the go, are single cup coffee makers. These types of coffee brewing systems allow a person to place a travel mug on the base of the unit and brew a single cup at a time. If you're in the type of family that is always scrambling for time, this may be your best options. You may be asking yourself "What are the benefits of a coffee maker that only makes one cup of coffee at a time?" Well, strongly think about this, you're in a busy household filled with coffee drinkers and everyone likes a different type of coffee.

Within 8 minutes you can brew up to 3 different types of coffee with ease. Imagine what you'd have to do if 3 people wanted different types of coffee with a regular coffee pot? You'd have to brew a new pot of coffee for each person, which could get expensive and time consuming. Alternatively, you could buy 3 different coffee pots and brew them all separately. More problems would arise from that even though it would save you more time, and you may simply lack the counter space for 3 coffee makers.

However, single cup coffee makers have even more benefits. Most good ones have a water tank reservoir that stores 48-60 oz. of water. This is extremely helpful because it will save you even more time. You simply fill the reservoir tank with water and then brew as many cups as needed until it's time to refill it again. When it comes to fine coffee brewing it just doesn't get any easier than that.

If you live alone single cup coffee makers are perfect. It's as easy as waking up in the morning and hitting a button while you run out the door, travel mug in hand. Executives with very little time will find this extremely useful. Imagine a cold morning and you're in your bath robe, and you don't feel like scooping out ground coffee into a filter, filling the tank with water and then waiting for it to brew. Now imagine that you walk out on that same cold morning and click a button. Within just a few minutes you have the perfect roasted cup of coffee, every time.

I am not a big fan of every piece of new technology but this one; I am. Why? Because it's very easy to use and extremely helpful to daily life. Plus, for the price of what a normal coffee pot like this cost, it's worth it. Most of this kind of coffee makers stay below the $149 mark and that's not bad at all.

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