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My First Lobster

As a child, butter sauce running down my chin was endearing -- not so much anymore. And although I may eat my lobster now with a bit more decorum, I continue to eat lobster with the same relish and delight as when I was a ten year old, feasting on my first. I can vividly recall how the platter was set in front of me and I was given the 'tools' to go about the business of eating this amazing looking food. I can remember feeling the cool, smooth cracker in my hand and figuring out how to maneuver it; fitting the shell between the cracker legs at just the right angle to get that distinct satisfying, crunching sound that exposed the juicy white meat.

It was like being on a treasure hunt; feeling the thrill when I'd find a big piece of lobster meat in an unexpected place. And, just when I thought that I had exhausted the search and ate all there was to be found, I'd find another little piece to crack. By the time I finished that first lobster I felt like an explorer in a culinary adventure. It was clear to me way back then, this was not merely dinner; eating a lobster was an experience -- a very fun experience! Think for a minute, when else is wearing a bib a thing of honor?.Now, all grown up, I find that my dinner companions are always quite entertained as they enjoy witnessing my enthusiastic lobster cracking. They appear delighted by the zest with which I approach the task at hand.

That's the thing about eating a lobster, you have to work for it. I wonder if that's what adds to the pleasure of eating it. Is it true, even with a lobster dinner, that if you toil and expend effort, that the fruits of your labor make it taste even better? Now, lobster tails, served by themselves are wonderful, but definitely a different experience. Aren't they the prize without the good fight? With lobster tails, there's no need to master the cracker, no spurting juices, no hunt for the last tidbit of meat; all the things that define eating a lobster as an activity rather than as simply a delicious meal.

But don't get me wrong, I would never turn away from a lobster tail and order the chicken.As is true with most of the 'firsts' in our lives, my first lobster will always be memorable. And as is also true of most of those life 'firsts', the lobsters I've had since have only been better.

.Sara Thompson is the owner of The Original Nutcracker, a website which sells a bold, unique, and funny kitchen gadget that's tongue-in-cheek fun!.

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By: Sara Thompson


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