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Invaluable Coffee Recipes From Around The World

Coffee happens to be one of the most favorite drink worldwide. It carries an international taste and recognition and it is an ancient drink as well. There are various wonderful ways of preparing your favorite coffee.

Though some prefers the black one, there are innumerable ways of enjoying coffee. Caribbean, Mexican mocha, Cuban cubano and Grog are some of the special recipes. The recipes So lets start with extraordinary recipe of making coffee.

First a whole coconut is baked for half an hour at 300F. After it is baked the coconut should be allowed to cool. Then the coconut flesh should be removed from the shell and grated. The grated coconut then should be added to a half cup cow's milk and coconut milk. Then the mixture should be strained to take out the coconut crumbs.

Finally, coffee should be added to it to get that extraordinary taste. Now let's discuss the Mexican recipe for making a cup of coffee. It is more or less like mocha which is a combination of coffee and chocolate. And it is very simple to make.

One teaspoon full of chocolate syrup should be added to a cup of coffee. Then a quarter spoon of cinnamon and nutmeg powder should be added with white sugar to give that extra flavor. Sometimes whipped cream can be added to make a thick froth. Most expresso machines made for the commercial market will do almost all of this for you! Cubano is a taken in a shot just like tequila.

And coffee can even be added to rum or a teaspoon of hot milk to make Americano. A little more milk may spoil the upshot of rum and coffee together. English prefers their coffee in an absolutely different way. The Grog is one of the traditional recipes of England. The English love this coffee when they are on vacation or holiday.

This recipe has a tangy citrus taste to it. To make it we need to peel one lemon and an orange and put one slices of each at the bottom of the cup. Then we need to put one teaspoon of brown sugar, butter and a dash of powdered clove and nutmeg and cinnamon. The final touch comes with a heavy frothy cream on top.

Some other international delicacies includes Turkish, Vietnamese, Viennese and other few. Turkish coffee is prepared in a special Turkish pot known as "dezva". Water is boiled in this special pot, and half teaspoon of sugar is poured in the boiling water. Then fine Turkish coffee powder is added to the boiling water after taking the pot away from the heat. Then the pot is again put on the flame to brew up a layer of foam on top. Finally it is removed from the heat and allowed to cool.

Turkish coffee is brewed quite strong. Vietnamese coffee is made in a typical Vietnamese coffee press. It is a very simple process of making cold coffee. We need to put coffee in the press and a teaspoon of condensed milk in the cup. Then we will pour hot water over the press and let it trickle in the cup. Finally we will be adding ice cubes to make it a complete chill drink.

Viennese coffee can be termed as an aristrocrat's drink. The recipe is quite interesting and grand as well. One-eighth cup of dark chocolate is mixed with one tablespoon of light cream and melted in a pan. Then half cup of coffeeis poured and whipped till frothy. After it gets settled a dash of cinnamon and cocoa adds that extra something to the drink.

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