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How to Choose and Store Chocolate

In todays market there a several excellent brands of chocolate, both foreign and domestic. Each manufacturer creates its own unique texture and flavor by using a special formula they have developed with varying processing techniques and ingredients. Your chocolate purchase should depend on what you are making and on the flavor of the chocolate.

A simple recipe for chocolate cake would work quite well with the less expensive, domestic chocolates found in your local grocery store or market. The more expensive chocolates are better to use in a desert that has fewer ingredients to mask or downplay their fine flavor.

htm The most effective way to choose chocolate is to purchase a few different brands and test them in your home, use these guidelines to test your chocolate: · Flavor, melted chocolate tastes the same as un-melted chocolate; make sure the taste is one you like when you eat it out of the package. · Appearance is another important factor in choosing chocolate, it should be even, smooth and have an unblemished glossy surface, if it is dull or has grayish-white streaks it has been stored improperly. While this does not affect the chocolate flavor to a great degree, it is to be considered. The streaks or dots are what is called chocolate or fat bloom and is caused because the storage area was too humid or hot.

· Check the aroma as chocolate that has been stored in an environment where other foods have been stored may have absorbed some of their smells. Chocolate should be wrapped in a light proof and air tight wrapper. · Chocolate should not crumble, bend or splinter it should snap firmly and cleanly when it is broken. · A smooth velvety texture, not grainy or greasy that almost immediately melts in your mouth is the most desirable. · It should have a rich chocolate taste with a rich, well balance flavor, neither too bitter nor too sweet.

· After tasting chocolate, you should not have a burnt taste in your mouth; it should have a pleasant chocolate aftertaste. Store your chocolate in a cool 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit with a humidity level of less than 50%, stored in this manner cocoa and dark chocolate will last for years. However, white and milk chocolate, because of the milk solids, should not be stored for more than ten months. Thank you, http://moremoneyeverywhere.


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