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Garlic Fights More Than Vampires

Closely related to onion, shallot, and leek, garlic has been known for more than 5,000 years for its special smell, taste and healing powers. Throughout all of recorded history, people have been using garlic for a variety of purposes; either culinary or medical. It come as a surprise to some, but apart from its legendary powers to "scare vampires away," garlic has been considered for centuries a natural health improver that originates from a simple perennial plant. Due to its numerous components, garlic has been found to lower blood pressure and thus reduce the incidents of strokes, prevent hypertension, improve the human immune system, prevent heart disease -by enhancing the elastic properties of aorta in the elderly-increase the body's strength and energy levels, lower cholesterol levels and fight cancer-due to its high diallyl sulphide concentration. In short, garlic is one of the best natural healing herbs and culinary ingredients currently available. From the earliest times, garlic has been used as an article for diet.

In fact, garlic has been consumed by ancient civilizations on a daily basis. This herb's unique capabilities come from its components, such as calcium, selenium, zinc and potassium. Its essential oils-whose principal active agent is allicin-have made people want to praise this health fighter's strong antibiotic, antifungal and antiviral properties. From healing an upset stomach to fighting infections, garlic has been incorporated in modern medicine practices and has experienced tremendous success for its positive results.

Since garlic is easily incorporated into a meal, one can chop or crush garlic bulbs and individual cloves after peeling them or even add the whole garlic head for some extremely tasteful culinary creations, this aromatic ingredient brings an extra tone of healthy nutrition to daily cuisine. After garlic is ingested, it is absorbed into the bloodstream and then diffused through various organs. Patients suffering from intestinal upsets have added 7-9 cloves of garlic into their daily diet plan so as to keep the acids released inside the stomach from developing over a specific amount.

Fresh garlic can also be directly applied in the naked skin's surface, if one suffers from athlete's foot, skin infections and acne. Moreover, fresh garlic mixed with honey can be an extremely effective home remedy for colds, throat irritations or other areas of the human respiratory system that might be affected during a period of flu. Finally, those hesitating in adding garlic to their daily diets due to its characteristic odor that causes bad breath, there is always the solution of chewing a strong gum, fresh parsley leafs, thyme or peppermint, right after consuming a meal that contains any quantity of garlic.

Always remember to choose from firm garlic bulbs, which are taut, unbroken and white or light in color. It is essential to keep garlic stored in dry, cool places and if properly stored, garlic can last for several weeks. Concluding, if you are not a garlic fun, avoid buying braids of garlic to hang on your kitchen cabinets, as its bulbs will be spoiled before you have a chance to use them. Keep in mind that garlic is an excellent germs fighter, antibiotic and powerful health agent, making it a perfect natural addition to your meals. Do not let its odor keep it out from your fridge or cool cupboard.

Eat garlic and keep health problems, such as migraines, influenza and blocked arteries, always far away.

Kadence Buchanan writes articles on many topics including Alternative Health, Relationship, and Nursing


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