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Fusion Japanese and French Pastries

Fusion: Japanese and French Cakes, Pastries, and Chocolates.Only of that in mere perfection, the Japanese pastry outlook will make anyone's palette desire more. They are professional, meticulous, and intertwine their culture with fusion of other cultures.Many in the western world or culture have not heard of matcha (green tea powder) which many French and Japanese chiefs use in their pastries, especially the famous roll cake. Yogashi means sweet pastry.

A famous or popular type of cake is the Roulade (A Roulade is a French term for a thin roll of meat or cake around savory or sweet fillings.) Or we can call it The Roll Cake.The pastry scene is growing in Japan both focusing on all aspects of confectionary. Chocolateries and boutique type cafes and pastry shops have started emerging all around the country. There are brands like LOTTE, Morinaga which you can find in any local grocery but taste is of equal quality of the ever so famous Godiva.Tons of shops are popping up all over Japan, reminiscent of a stroll in Paris.

This scene will continue to grow and I would love to see this trend somehow incorporate into the US scene as well as the UK.I believe this is more than a mere fashion trend, customers demand the best; I do not see this diminishing anytime soon. Japanese people tend to go for what the media recommends.Will these fine artisan shops soon be mass produced?.


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By: Veronica Kettler


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