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Data loggers the way to monitor a freezer or coolerstemperature

Data loggers are devices that can be used to sample and store temperature and/or humidity at regular intervals. Before data logger chart recorders used paper charts to record the information, but modern data loggers store the information in RAM memory until they can be downloaded to a computer. Data loggers were originally created as weather forecasting tools, but were quickly adopted as a perfect way to monitor freezers or coolers.

Keeping stable temperature in a freezer is much more important than most people think. It is especially true when deep frozen food is stored where a ten degrees can make the difference between safely stored food and food which can promote bacteria growth. The 10-degree difference in temperature might seem small, but it is crucial for deep frozen products. Data loggers are absolutely necessary in professional freezers. The standard thermometer inside the freezer shows only the present temperature.

Data loggers can check for temperature fluctuations when no one was looking; 24/7/365. There is at least one problem with data loggers that limit their usefulness. They need a computer to see what they recorded. There is no way to see what the temperature history unless the information is downloaded to a computer where it can be displayed on the screen.

Fortunately there is a data logger that overcomes this problem: ThermaViewer. ThermaViewer Unlike other data loggers, ThermaViewer works all by itself. It has a processor, its own memory and a big LCD screen, it doesn't need any other device to display all the data it gathers.

Its two sensors can be placed up to 100 feet from one the display unit, which allows it to monitor and document temperature even in large freezers. As everything is stored in ThermaViewer internal memory and is displayed on the LCD screen, this is the only one of all data loggers that the user can get immediate results from. A temperature chart is drawn on the LCD display so that anyone can immediately tell what has occurred within the last day, week or even month. .

By: Rick Kaestner


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