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Buffalo Steak A LowFat Alternative to Beef

Buffalo steak has gained quite a bit of popularity over the last decade, especially among the health-minded. Since the buffalo industry is not as wide-spread as the cattle industry, buffalo steak, especially if ordered directly from an independent rancher, either in person or over the Internet, is not packed full of hormones and other chemicals, and the animals are left to roam and graze as they did in days of old.Buffalo steak is extremely healthy, packed full of vitamins and minerals, including vital Omega-3 fatty acids, which help lower cholesterol and decrease the risk of blood clots. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, buffalo steaks cut from grass-fed bison have a fraction of the fat (up to 75% less fat per serving) of beef steaks and are extremely high in iron and protein. Buffalo steak is even recommended by the American Heart Association for a heart-healthy lifestyle!.

Buffalo steaks can be cooked in the same manner as beef steaks, with one important difference ? buffalo cooks in much less time because of the low fat content. We can all see the benefit in meat that cooks much more quickly, but there is a down side to this. Because of the low fat content, it is extremely important to use every measure possible to keep the moisture in the buffalo steak. Searing both sides of the steak and then cooking until done to your preference will ensure that the moisture is locked in so that you'll be left with just mouth-watering flavor. Try rubbing the outside of the buffalo steak with your favorite steak seasoning or a mixture of salt, pepper, and garlic before grilling or broiling for a great taste sensation.

Just be sure to cook at a lower temperature than you would for beef steak, and you'll have a perfect buffalo steak in no time.By gourmet chefs and meat-lovers everywhere, buffalo steak has been coined as more beefy than beef. Without the thick fatty marbling through the cut of meat that is common in beef steak, buffalo is packed with hearty meaty flavor through and through.

Try a buffalo steak for an escape from the ordinary and a step back into historical life on the plains.

.Antoinette Boulay writes for Sizzlers Ranch, where you can find tips on how to buy beef online and barbeque quail.

By: Antoinette Boulay


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