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Buckwheat CakesThe End To A Boring Breakfast

Have you had buckwheat cakes? If not, you are missing a victorious victual. They are earthy, natural and ohh so good!.The cakes are not the dainty looking, rubber tasting, prepared cakes you buy in the store. These taste like and are from the Planet Earth. A proper buckwheat cake is thin, dark brown and cooked on a very hot griddle.

I believe that buckwheat ain't wheat. It's some kind of relative to the sorghum family. And from my many years of frugal living, I have never tasted buckwheat better than from Preston County, West Virginia.

Preston County is near West Virginia University in the upper part of the state. It is situate on the Allegheny Plateau. That where the Appalachain Mountains began a long time ago.

Somehow, the earth was scrunched up a few thousand feet and the mountains began. What has this to do with growing buckwheat? I don't know.Buckwheat cakes-I'm telling you about something that I love. However, I'm relatively ignorant on the exact recipe but I'll point you in the right direction.I know you can make it with baking powder or yeast. Actually, the recipe is on many of the buckwheat flour packs you can buy on the web.

Follow the directions for a great meal.You can get buckwheat flour at specialty stores but be careful. Read the ingredients. A lot of times they put wheat flour in with the buckwheat. Now, that ain't buckwheat flour! It's just like buying an orange with three seed in it.

The Gum-ment say it "seedless" if the orange has less than three seeds! It just ain't so.Also check out the Buckwheat Festival that is held in Kingwood, West Virginia each year. I've been to one event and it's well worth a trip of 200 miles.Get away from that microwave, get you some buckwheat flour from Preston County.Start living!.

.Gene Smith is an e-zine writer from West Virginia. He has eaten and prepared victuals for many years. He lives near Charles Town.

By: Gene Smith


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